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Hi, I’m Asher! I’m a Freelance Photographer who creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere that everyone appreciates – young or old.

As a mother to three daughters, I have a flair for getting children to engage and be at ease with the camera. For events, I shoot naturalistically, in a minimally invasive way.

Whether it’s a lavish wedding, a small family gathering, a colourful children’s party, or a private portrait session, I will adapt and find the perfect shots.



I would love to discuss your needs, and work together to create high-quality images you will love, cherish, and share.


Growing up, photography was my passion. I’ve loved it since I was a young girl, experimenting with my mum’s old film camera.

Later, as a full-time mum raising three young daughters, I had endless opportunities to learn how to get kids to engage with the camera in every type of setting.


Now I have the time and opportunity to fulfil my dream photography career.

I came to Hong Kong in 2014 to bring my children up bilingually. I love this beautiful, vibrant city! It has every setting, from cosy home environments to bustling streets to sandy beaches. I am happy to shoot anywhere you like.

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